European Italian = Pane e Vino

I think Pane E Vino deserves a full five stars!  The food itself might deserve a four, but with the atmosphere, the extremely helpful staff, and the whole experience, I don't think it could get much better.

I went on a nice night and got seated on the outdoor patio.  It's vine covered and adorable, with heat lamps that actually keep you very warm.  I felt like I was back in Europe.  The staff didn't rush us and let us take our time and stay for over 2 hours despite it being a busy night.  They helped us pick a bottle of Italian wine that was a great choice.

I got the burrata to start, which was delicious!  It was filled with chopped tomatoes with sliced garlic and everything tasted very fresh.  I then got the Bucatini, which was spaghetti with pancetta and hot peppers in a tomato sauce.  It was simple, but SO good.  The pasta tasted homemade, which really decides if a dish like that is anything special.

The whole night was a great time, and I can't believe that it's as inexpensive as it is!  Pasta dishes are mostly under $20, which is a great value for the quality and setting.  I definitely recommend it, mostly for a night where you can enjoy the patio since the inside is small and would probably be less special.


I agree entirely. Pane e Vino is a special Italian restaurant and the staff clearly like being there; that makes the whole experience so enjoyable, plus the food is simply "bellissimo!"

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