Thanks PV!

Made reservations for 6 on short notice on a Monday night. The place was fabulous and food/wine all delicious. The only thing is that this place has no street presence, as I'm guessing that it's mostly a locals destination. But we found it after a few minutes and couldn't have been happier.

European Italian = Pane e Vino

I think Pane E Vino deserves a full five stars!  The food itself might deserve a four, but with the atmosphere, the extremely helpful staff, and the whole experience, I don't think it could get much better.

Great dinner

It is hard to believe that I had all but forgotten about Pane E Vino!   My twenty year absence was broken a couple of weeks ago!    We had some wine, enjoyed DELICIOUS Italian food.   We shared two salads amongst the four of us and each ordered an entree.    The salads were excellent.